Low energy homes & commercial buildings

Trivselhus is a leading Swedish building company. Our expertise lies in the use of sustainably harvested wood to build homes and commercial property that can withstand even the most extreme climatic conditions. As a result you can rely on the Trivselhus Climate ShieldTM system to create warm, stylish buildings.

We established Trivselhus UK in response to growing demand in the UK for Scandinavian style, quality and efficiency in homes and commercial buildings. Trivselhus’ obsessive attention to detail at the planning, design and fabrication stages has already delivered beautiful, cost-effective, energy-efficient homes around the UK.

'Fabric first' is the industry approved cost-effective way to achieve the highest standards against criteria set out in UK building regulations. A ‘fabric first’ approach means a building frame manufactured in precision factory conditions that has:

  • energy saving features embedded into its fabric from the very start

  • windows, doors and service conduits fitted during the build

  • reduced margins of error that produce an airtight shell

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