stylish. sustainablE. Swedish.

We create beautiful homes for life. For people who care about quality, peace of mind and the world they leave behind. 

Our homes are designed for living. With comfort, convenience and style, we offer high ceilings, large windows and low-density developments with room to breathe. All with a uniquely Swedish touch. Then we add the highest specs, plenty of choices to customise, and the latest in smart home technology. 

Our customers want a home that is built sustainably from the source. They also want energy saving technologies to keep their home warm and their bills low. We deliver on this and then some. Not because our customers demand it. Because it’s what we believe in.   

And so do our partners. We work with leading architects, developers and individuals to build homes that are as elegant as they are clever. As sustainable as they are long-lasting. As spacious as they are comfortable.  

Built to exacting standards in our own Swedish factory, we use wood sourced sustainably from our own forests. Our homes achieve the highest levels of energy efficiency to withstand even the harshest of Scandinavian winters, right here in the UK. 

From luxury lakeside residences in the Cotswolds to an innovative co-housing community in Cambridge, we are redefining all the comforts of home.

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