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We partner with developers and communities who share our values to deliver high-quality and eco-efficient homes around the UK. We are committed to building sustainable houses that are great for people and good for the environment.

Sommar Place Open Day

19th October 2019
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What makes Swedish homes so sustainable?

The Swedes take sustainability seriously. Ranked the most sustainable country in the world in 2018, Sweden continues to lead the way in initiatives including recycling and harnessing renewable resources. They are also acting to reduce carbon emissions – but in a Scandinavian climate this presents particular challenges.

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Trivselhus investing in highly automated house production at Landsbro

Trivselhus is strengthening its long-term competitiveness by investing in a high-volume house production facility at Landsbro. At the same time, the units at Landsbro and Korsberga will be co-located at Landsbro, Sweden. Industrial house production will enable a high level of automation and robotics in the manufacturing process, which will improve workplace health and safety and reduce production costs.

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What it’s really like living in a smart home – an insider’s account

“We had twelve people round for dinner at Christmas, it’s the first time we’ve been able to do that.” Maggie Williams and her husband were among the first to take up residence at Sommar Place, the UK’s first smart development. “We moved from a small two-bed house where we could host four people maximum, and now we’re in a four-bedroom house with a balcony!”


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