Embracing a uniquely Swedish touch

UK's Swedish Ambassador agrees that Scandinavian chic is growing in popularity in the UK. And so it should, with its offering of warmth and elegance in one.

Fortunately, our homes embrace this design ethos. With comfort, convenience and style, we offer high ceilings, large triple-glazed windows and low-density developments with room to breathe. All with a uniquely Swedish touch.

Ethics are a fundamental part of our approach. We are committed to creating stylish, high-quality houses that foster eco-friendly lifestyles. With our advanced building technologies and innovative construction process, our homes can withstand the harshest Scandinavian winters. Our homes deliver lifetime savings in energy costs.

The uniqueness of our design comes across, with The Independent describing our homes as “Swedish through and through, with huge, triple-glazed windows and a wide front door that opens outwards, all reminding you that things are a bit different here.”

Watch our short film highlighting our Swedish approach to UK living.

Updated: 5/11/2018

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