Thermal pictures worth a thousand words

An infrared survey using a special infrared camera that can ‘see’ the differences in heat and cold shows clearly how effective the Trivselhus Climate Shield is at keeping the warmth inside and the cold out. 

Expert building thermography consultant ScanTherm carried out an infrared survey on this Trivselhus home in Meopham. ScanTherm uses a “rainbow” scale that shows relatively cold (black/purple/blue) to relatively hot (yellow/red/white).

The results are impressive. The outer Climate Shield of this elegant home remains supercool (pale green and blue) even while the interior is fully occupied and heated. The images show clearly just how effective the fabric first approach to creating well-insulated, thermally efficient houses can be with Trivselhus.

The thermal scans of the Trivselhus home clearly show the efficient, even distribution of the wall insulation. The effect of top quality roof insulation and triple glazing is obvious. There are no red or orange-yellow areas indicating heat leaking out at floor joins or around windows and doors.

Contrast this with the uneven ‘leaky’ thermal profiles of older properties and some more standard new builds. 

You can rest assured that your Trivselhus Climate Shield is keeping the warm air where it belongs - inside not out.

All thermal images copyright © ScanTherm2015

Updated: 3/16/2015

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