The first smart home of the future opens its doors in Milton Keynes

When Councillor David Hopkins, the mayor of Milton Keyes, arrived in style at the launch of our new show home in Milton Keynes, we were honoured. Given his town is a former haven for World War II codebreakers, he felt it was a fitting location to welcome the UK’s first smart home of the future.

The press agreed. After our successful launch, they recognised us as Britain’s first developers of eco-friendly houses with smart home technology. With a distinctly Swedish name, Sommar Place consists of 39 stylish and spacious smart homes. Our newest properties are located in the exclusive Broughton Gate district of Milton Keynes, known by locals for its green spaces and rich history.

Sommar Place external

Each home fuses our trademark Scandinavian design, clean and modern architecture and energy efficiency, all rolled in with Apple’s pioneering smart home technology. The uniqueness of our design comes across, with The Independent describing our homes as “Swedish through and through, with huge, triple-glazed windows and a wide front door that opens outwards, all reminding you that things are a bit different here.”

Smart home revolution

Sommar Place is leading the way in tech-enabled housing developments that are affordable, efficient and future-proof. With technology developing at pace, our commitment to seamlessly connecting technology and luxury homes is “set to transform the way people live” according to The Express. With Apple HomeKit and intelligent accessories fitted as standard, a fully connected Sommar Place home puts lighting, heating, entertainment and home security in the control of our homeowners. It is simple to use and is fully secured by end-to-end encryption

The list of HomeKit accessories and smart home technology each property comes with is a long one. Highly sought-after Apple products also come with each home, including a new iPad, iPod Touch, Apple TV, and Apple HomePod. There’s even an Apple Watch and Netatmo Healthy Home Coach to cater for health and wellness enthusiasts.

As reported in House Beautiful, “this level of connected technology integrated into the build of a new property has only been available in multi-million-pound, bespoke smart homes.” While this technology has otherwise been available to retrofit, our managing director Ken Forster says this inevitably results in controls that are fragmented, less seamless to use and more expensive to install.

Sommar Place living area

Tech-savvy lifestyle

For the tech novice, operating smart home technology couldn’t be easier. Our home owners simply use the Apple Home app on their iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad to control their smart accessories. Each smart home’s HomePod can also be used to communicate with smart accessories, as can the Apple TV.

These HomeKit accessories can be controlled on a room-by-room basis, and scenes can be tailored to residents’ needs. A scene called “Good Morning”, for example, might ensure a bedroom light comes on, the heating is set, and the kettle is switched on. A scene called “Night Time” could lock the doors and windows, and turn off the lights to prepare for a restful night’s sleep. Advanced end-to-end Apple encryption brings a high level of security, along with peace of mind.

Sommar Place smart switch

Driving innovation

The properties at Sommar Place aren’t just beacons of smart home technology, they’re built to cope with extreme climatic conditions. “Each energy-efficient and eco-friendly home also makes use of mineral wool insulation and air tightness in the walls, called Climate Shield,” writes property expert Katie Avis-Riordan. This means our properties are built to exceed UK regulations now and in the future.

This innovative development would not be possible without our partnership with Places for People. As an organisation committed to improving local communities and driving innovation, they have welcomed the collaboration.

“Sommar Place is a truly forward-thinking development,” said David Cowans, Group Chief Executive at Places for People. “Alongside our award-winning developments at Brooklands and Wolverton Park, we’re delighted to be working with Trivselhus to introduce innovative homes that are unique not only to Milton Keynes, but to the whole of the UK.”

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Updated: 4/10/2018

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