Trivselhus by Esh Showhome now open

The stunning Trivselhus by Esh showhome is now open to view at Garth House Gardens - an elegant, gated development on the outskirts of the small Cumbrian market town of Brampton.

At Garth House Gardens five beautiful homes feature contemporary Swedish design - open-plan living areas, stylish kitchens, beautiful bathrooms, and light and airy bedrooms. Built in energy-saving features include superior insulation, solar energy capture and under-floor heating to deliver low energy costs for years to come. Innovations from lessons learned the hard way in the Scandinavian climate, can make a huge difference to the comfort of your home. Even our front doors are carefully designed to keep the warmth in and the cold out. There is no letter box to let in drafts and the door opens outwards so the force of a winter gale simply tightens the seal as it blows.


Visit Trivselhus by Esh for more information, or contact 0781 664 2796 to arranged a tour.

Updated: 4/9/2018

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