What makes Swedish homes so sustainable

The Swedes take sustainability seriously. Ranked the most sustainable country in the world in 2018, Sweden continues to lead the way in initiatives including recycling and harnessing renewable resources. They are also acting to reduce carbon emissions – but in a Scandinavian climate this presents particular challenges.

Energy efficient homes

To live well in a country where temperatures can drop to -30 degrees outside, staying warm is a vital requirement. Yet the average household's energy bills are actually lower in Sweden than in the UK –in spite of the cost of energy being far higher.

Swedish housebuilders have achieved this by embracing passive house technologies. Advanced levels of insulation and airtight construction are designed to keep warmth inside, significantly reducing a home’s energy consumption for heating in the coldest months of the year.

At the same time, Swedish houses are designed to make the most of the natural light available on short winter days. Trivselhus Climate Shield® technology includes triple-glazing as standard, to capture heat and fill interiors with light. With such low heating requirements, homes built according to passive house standards deliver lifetime savings in energy costs.

High-quality construction

But sustainability is not just about the way we live in our homes. An eco home must be long-lasting (which means it needs to be of high quality) and it must be constructed in a way that minimises impact on the environment.

Construction is currently one of the least sustainable industries around the world. Trivselhus’ parent company Södra reports that in Sweden, the construction industry emits the same amount of carbon dioxide as all car transport. Södra, which is Sweden’s largest forestry cooperative, argues that the way to reduce emissions lies in timber.

The benefits of using wood as a building material go beyond the fact that it is an inherently renewable resource. Forests absorb carbon from the air and store it, removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere while returning oxygen.

Sustainably sourced materials

In ethical forestry, trees are replaced at a greater rate than they are cut down (Södra members plant three trees for every one they cut down), thus helping to promote better air quality now and in the future.

At Trivselhus, we source all the wood we use to construct our timber frame houses from Södra’s sustainably managed forests. Recognising that a truly environmentally friendly home requires a sustainable approach to building, our Swedish-style homes in the UK are not good just for you and your family – they’re better for the environment as well.

Have a look at our Swedish-style homes around the UK.

Updated: 5/23/2019

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