Why choose a smart home

“The smart home used to be the preserve of the rich, with custom installs of pricey accessories. Now, you can have it all built in for a reasonable cost before you even unpack.” The Independent

What makes a house a home? The particular feeling of comfort, ease and security you get as soon as you walk through the front door is distinctive to a space that’s truly your own.

Our homes have excellent levels of insulation and ventilation, with precision finishing to the details that keeps the warmth in during winter while allowing fresh air to circulate all year round. Now, we are the first smart home builder in the UK to include advanced smart technologies in all our houses and apartments.

Smart home automation puts managing your comfort, ease and security firmly in your hands. With Apple® HomeKitTM, you can create customised ‘scenes’ that help you automate your daily routine. Wake up to natural sunlight as the blinds lift in the morning and the coffeemaker starts warming up. When you’re out and about, use your phone to check your home security and even see who’s at the front door.

As you get nearer to home, geofencing technology can set the heating ready for your return. Once inside, voice commands to Siri® can adjust the lighting, play your favourite music and even put the kettle on.

For families and those with busy lives, being able to manage your home life through your smart device takes away the little hassles and ensures peace of mind. For those with hearing, vision, cognitive or motor function impairments, automating your home can also enable a more independent way of living.

Watch our video to find out what makes a smart house so homely.

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Updated: 9/10/2018

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