We make a practical commitment to the wellbeing of future generations by embedding energy saving technology and renewable raw materials into our Climate ShieldTM system.

Sustainably harvested timber and technically superb fabric first construction techniques are used to produce unrivalled energy savings and to minimise waste. This is the heart of the Trivselhus environmentally friendly approach.


Trivselhus gives you exceptional environmental performance and enhances the green credentials of any building project.

Studies show that a typical home built to meet building regulations costs over £1,500 a year to heat. But the exceptional thermal performance of Trivselhus technology can deliver massive reductions.

By saving energy Trivselhus Climate ShieldTM helps developers to protect the environment and fight climate change by reducing fossil fuel emissions.

Trivselhus design and manufacture can help developers to achieve an ‘A’ rated Energy Performance Certificate in a cost-effective way.

Building a Sustainable Future

We make a practical commitment to the wellbeing of future generations by embedding energy saving technology, and renewable, recyclable raw materials into our Climate ShieldTM system.

All wood used in the manufacture of the Trivselhus Climate ShieldTM is sustainably sourced.

Future proofing

Future UK building regulations look set to demand increasing thermal performance from the building fabric. Trivselhus Climate ShieldTM forms a superior building envelope, so that designers can easily achieve compliance with existing and new building regulations and the Fabric Energy Efficiency standard.

There is no need to compromise on the beauty and elegance of buildings. Our fabric first approach frees developers and architects from reliance on costly bolt-on renewable technologies.

Ethical forestry

TRIVSELHUS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Södra – the largest forestry cooperative in Sweden. Södra is an economic association with a membership base of 51,000 forest owners in southern Sweden.

Members own more than half of the privately owned forest in the region. Since its inception the Södra forest industry group members have demonstrated a wholehearted commitment to responsible commercial forestry and an active consideration for natural and cultural values and social issues. The highest pedigree timber from our forests is used by Trivselhus. Swedish slow-grown softwood is the best that money can buy. The relatively slow growth produces straighter, stronger and longer-lasting wood, than that available from faster-growing trees. As a result it is highly sought-after and Södra supplies timber products worldwide.

Green Credentials

We are proud of the green credentials of this long-standing Swedish forestry institution. Södra places the environment at the heart of forest management. It believes that sustainable operations mean long-term profit - so responsible forestry is an environmental imperative and an economic necessity. Södra promotes responsible forestry by setting challenging environmental targets for the various parts of the company. Södra’s main environmental targets are to reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide to air emissions. It also actively promotes careful soil and water management and works hard to achieve excellent standards of workplace safety.