A sustainable and ethical approach lends itself to public sector builds.

Healthcare and Education

The Trivselhus Climate Shield® is an ideal choice for Schools, Health Centres and Hospitals. Our buildings can offer the advantages of space, comfort, light and air to enhance the wellbeing of workers, patients, residents and students.

To the hard pressed local authority with a shrinking procurement budget and exacting green targets, the sustainable credentials and energy efficiency of a Trivselhus build bring huge benefits.

Where budgets are under tight control, quicker constructon times and lower on-site costs and waste, mean the ability to start to recoup initial capital outlay more quickly. Our 80 bed care homes in the UK are typically delivered six months earlier than a comparable standard built home.

Heating costs are reduced to the absolute minimum and natural ventilation ensures that a steady working temperature is maintained. A pleasant workplace promotes work productivity and encourages positive learning environment for students.