Trivselhus Climate ShieldTM can easily meet the needs of even the most complex or unusual bespoke build or one-off design. 

Trivselhus Self Build

Factory production and consistent quality does not mean a standard product. The Climate Shield® system brings flexibility without compromise. Trivselhus construction systems are easily adjusted to accommodate any client design requirements. 

The outstanding Trivselhus reputation has been built on the production of all of our buildings, no matter what shape or size, to the same unrivalled standards of thermal performance, the highest quality of materials and workmanship. Over 20 years we have developed expertise in the design and delivery of stunning, customised buildings in Scandinavia and Europe.

The Trivselhus Climate Shield® can easily meet the needs of even the most complex or unusual bespoke build or one-off design. Because the design is signed off at the factory stage before construction starts, we deliver exactly what the client is expecting every time. No surprises and no disappointment.

The Climate Shield® can be clad or finished to suit every architectural style and to meet local planning requirements. Virtually any material is compatible: brick or stone masonry outer leaf, modern rainscreens, lightweight renders and timber boarding.

Precision construction and energy-saving features built in as standard at the factory stage result in an airtight building shell that exceeds UK building regulations and delivers an energy 'A' rating every time. 

An interior with exceptionally low space heating requirements is an ideal platform to add other ecofriendly technologies, such as under-floor heating from air-source heat pumps and mechanical heat recovery ventilation systems. Trivselhus Self Build can advise on design adjustments to fully maximise the savings possible on energy costs and to deliver a truly eco-friendly build. 

We can also assist with the planning of the build to make sure that you can make the most of the savings in time and manpower that an efficient Trivselhus build can offer.

Each section is meticulously constructed and coded for simple and straightforward assembly. This minimises build time and keeps costs down. Other benefits include:

  • follow on trades able to start earlier
  • the need for wet trades eliminated
  • better workplace safety

The shell of a Trivselhus house can be up and weatherproof within a week, and a well-planned project can be completed in approximately half the time of a conventional build. Once you move in to your 'home for life' you can look forward to lifetime savings on your energy bills thanks to the exceptional thermal efficiency of the Climate Shield® system.

For more information or to discuss your self-build project please contact John Harris