The flexibility of the Trivselhus system makes bespoke builds easy


Factory production and consistent quality does not mean a standard product. Trivselhus construction systems are easily adjusted to accommodate any client design requirements.

The Climate Shield® system brings flexibility without compromise. A one-off design that exactly meets the requirements of the site and the client's needs, can be easily catered for at the Trivselhus factories. We have over 20 years experience of designing and delivering stunning, customised buildings in Scandinavia and Europe. This equips us with the expertise required to meet the needs of event the most complex bespoke build. Trivselhus Climate Shield® can be clad or finished to suit every architectural style, using virtually any material - brick or stone masonry outer leaf, modern rainscreens, lightweight renders, decorative panels and timber boarding. Our reputation has been built on the production of all of our buildings, no matter what shape or size, to the same unrivalled standards of thermal performance, the highest quality of materials and outstanding workmanship.