Looking to the Future of Home Living

The Ideal Home Show is unveiling a home with the potential to be run at zero energy cost at this year's show in March. Built by Trivselhus by Esh, The Future Proof Home is paving the way in showcasing energy saving initiatives and thermal efficient building in the UK.

Trivselhus future proof home

Increasingly demanding energy efficiency laws and testing economic conditions have made reduced energy and material wastage a high priority in new buildings in the UK.

Ken Forster, MD of Trivselhus UK comments,

’For 20 years our Swedish customers have enjoyed the lifestyle benefits that the Trivselhus Climate Shield’s superior thermal efficiency has brought to the design of their homes. Trivselhus is delighted to be able to offer our beautifully crafted product to UK home owners who want the lowest possible energy costs now and in the future’

The Future Proof Home uses a number of well-established energy saving initiatives to give an ‘A’ rated building that keeps energy bills at a minimum, including:

  • precision construction in factory conditions
  • a unique Climate Shield system
  • energy saving capability embedded into the fabric from the start

A fabric first approach means that architects can design to suit the needs of ever changing families rather than to maintain internal building temperatures.

The Trivselhus system also provides an ideal platform for additional eco-friendly technologies, such as the underfloor heating, airsource heat pumps and mechanical heat recovery and ventilation systems that are fitted as standard in Trivselhus by Esh homes in the North of England.

Zero Energy Bills

Built in passive technologies reduce thermal leakage to retain heat. This will offset regulated energy bills and has the potential to earn money back to offset and even cut energy bills to zero.

These technologies include: 

  • 240mm mineral wool insulation built into the closed panels – warm in the winter, cool in the summer
  • triple glazed argon filled windows, which trap natural heat gain, a benefit that can be maximised by the orientation of the building
  • precision engineering to ensure joints between building sections form an airtight bond
  • service conduits embedded at factory stage to maintain the integrity of the building fabric
  • solar voltaic panels

Unique Building Experience

The Future Proof Home is built in a factory and assembled on site. Many of its energy saving features are embedded from the start. This ‘fabric first’ approach reduces margins of error to produce an airtight shell – the Climate Shield - that gives the building an ‘A’ energy rating compared to the more usual ‘E’ in the UK’s existing housing stock.

The Climate Shield creates a temperature-controlled environment inside the building and exceptionally low space heating requirements.

Outside, the Climate Shield doesn’t compromise on elegance and beauty. It can be adapted to suit every architectural style and exterior finish. Trivselhus’ Climate Shield is flexible enough to deliver whatever you need, be it luxury projects with Grand Designs aspirations or simple high quality, functional builds. You can create any style of home - from traditional to ultra-modern or Scandinavian chic.

Colin Willetts, Marketing Director of the Trivselhus by Esh partnership says, ‘The adaptable Climate Shield system has allowed Trivselhus by Esh to create beautiful homes in primary locations that meet the needs and aspirations of modern families who want to live in style and comfort.’

A meticulous coding system and pre-installation of windows, doors and service conduits ensures outstanding accuracy on site and dramatically reduce the construction times and labour force required, making it the ideal system for a self-build or a commercial development. A typical four-bedroom house can be assembled by as few as two workers and a crane within a week. This means that a Trivselhus build is free from reliance on the costly whims of the British weather and the tyranny of the timetable of on-site trades.

Lee Newton, CEO of Ideal Home Show owners Media 10, comments, 'As the past few years have seen energy bills reach near extortionate prices, it's great to see that there is a finally a solution to the problem: The Future Proof House. The Ideal Home Show has always been on the forefront of innovative housing and architecture, and while this year we're moving back to our old home at London Olympia, we're looking ahead to a future where the everyday family home will have zero regulated energy bills'.  

Updated: 3/20/2015