Why Trivselhus?

We create beautiful homes for life. For people who care about quality and the world they leave behind. With comfort, convenience and style, we offer homes with high ceilings, large windows and low-density developments with a uniquely Swedish touch.

Swedish by Design

Our customers want a home that is built sustainably from the source. They also want eco-friendly technologies that keep their homes warm and their bills low. We deliver Swedish style homes around the UK that reduce energy consumption and deliver lifetime savings in energy costs.

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Smarter Homes

Trivselhus is leading the way in creating smart homes, UK wide, giving you more control over the way you live and the energy you use. We are the only building company in the UK installing smart devices to automate your home as standard, so you can spend more time relaxing from the day you move in.

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Family Living

Trivselhus houses are designed for family living. Each home’s Scandinavian-style open plan layout feels beautiful, light and airy while creating a hub for families to come together at all times of day.

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Outstanding performance

Trivselhus Climate Shield® is your first step to delivering a zero carbon new build house in the UK. Our prefabricated homes have exceptionally low heating requirements and are ideal for fitting additional eco-friendly technologies, such as under-floor heating from air-source heat pumps and mechanical heat recovery ventilation systems.

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Cutting-edge construction process

Our factory-built homes deliver absolute certainty over the final cost and timescale. Using cutting edge manufacturing processes, our Swedish factories have the capacity to produce thousands of high specification homes per year. This ensures that Trivselhus UK can be relied on to meet production and delivery deadlines.

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Low energy homes

We use passive technologies such as triple glazing in all our homes, to reduce thermal leakage and provide excellent U values. Additional energy saving technology can further improve efficiency and capitalise on UK government incentives. We build beautiful, modern homes with positive energy balances that deliver lifetime savings.

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