Freedom to create without compromise. You bring the creativity and we supply the craftsmanship needed to produce comfortable and healthy buildings based on the ‘passivhus’ concept.

Precision 'fabric first' production techniques, that produce tolerances as low as 2mm are used to bridge the gap between modern digital design techniques and economical builds.

Commercial and residential projects can be precisely tailored to meet your client’s needs. Trivselhus Climate Shield® brings the architectural freedom to develop uncompromising, innovative and positive solutions in any setting.

  • residential
  • commercial
  • education
  • retail
  • sport
  • urban
  • rural

Whether your project demands oversized glazing, double height rooms, habitat walls, or an unconventional layout; Trivselhus Climate Shield® can support your solution.

The flexibility of our production process and a sustainable final product, makes Trivselhus a natural partner for integrating local building materials and craftsmanship to produce an environmentally friendly building. We guarantee top levels of thermal efficiency and impeccable green credentials so that even the strictest environmental targets can be easily achieved.