Trivselhus Climate Shield® ensures profitability, efficiency, safety and compliance.

More and more developers are realising the advantages that are brought by using timber framed, fully insulated closed panel systems:

  • Reduced waste
  • Faster build times
  • Greater profitability
  • Simpler, cheaper compliance with building codes
  • Green credentials
  • Safer building sites
  • More predictable schedules
  • Less on-site disruption by weather

Choosing Trivselhus Climate Shield® for the building fabric will greatly improve the overall energy consumption of the building and its environmental rating.

Trivselhus is a natural partner to help to ensure compliance with building regulations and codes. The cost to the builder of meeting minimum heat loss parameters is low, relative to other build methods. Timber frame helps to deliver the air-tightness and acoustic performance required to meet the demands of building codes .

A fabric first approach that embeds insulation and other key features, such as doors and windows, during factory manufacture significantly reduces waste and removes the more conventional reliance on expensive bolt-on technology.

On-site advantages include the ability to quickly erect buildings, whatever the weather, using a smaller team of workers and improved health and safety.