Low energy homes

We use passive technologies such as triple glazing in all our homes, to reduce thermal leakage and provide excellent U values. Additional energy saving technology can further improve efficiency and capitalise on UK government incentives. We build beautiful, modern homes with positive energy balances that deliver lifetime savings.

Precision engineering

Exceptionally thick (240mm) mineral wool insulation is built into the closed panels at factory stage to ensure top thermal performance.

Triple glazed argon filled windows are fitted as standard in all our builds.

Precision engineering ensures joints between building sections form an airtight bond.

Service conduits are embedded into the build at the factory stage, maintaining the integrity of the building fabric.


The Dunkerley family bought a four-bedroom home on the Grange Development by Esh Construction in County Durham. The efficient Trivselhus Climate Shield® system and the use of an air source heat pump with under-floor heating and solar photovoltaic panels offset energy bills in the house by 50% in the first 12 months. Government payments for the use of green technology and energy efficiency has effectively erased the family’s electricity bills. Christina Dunkerley said:

“We loved the design of the house and with children to watch over, the open plan layout was just what we were looking for. Our electricity bills are now non-existent.”

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