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Trivselhus Climate Shield® is your first step to delivering zero carbon new build houses in the UK. Our prefabricated homes have exceptionally low heating requirements and are ideal for fitting additional eco friendly technologies, such as under-floor heating from air-source heat pumps and mechanical heat recovery ventilation systems.


Developers and architects need more cost-effective ways to meet regulatory requirements for building new homes in the UK. Building regulations demand increasing levels of energy efficiency when constructing and running buildings.

Trivselhus Climate Shield®

  • complies with existing UK legislation
  • meets proposed building Fabric Energy Efficiency Standards (FEES)
  • produces excellent scores against the Code for Sustainable Homes criteria


  • plasterboard (12.5 mm)
  • vapour control layer (air tightness barrier)
  • chipboard (13mm)
  • timber studs (195x45mm and 45x45mm) tied at 600mm vertically
  • mineral wool insulation (240mm)
  • Hunton Bitroc Board or OSB (15mm)
  • external rainscreen to client requirements
  • factory fitted door sets and triple glazed, argon filled windows


  • technical and constructional sophistication compared with ‘standard 140mm frame
  • superior air tightness through detailed connectivity of wall panels (typically less than 2m3/hr/m2 @ 50 Pa)
  • flexible construction suits most build styles (compared with SIPS or other systems)

You can rely on the Trivselhus Climate Shield® to exceed the demands of UK building regulations and industry codes.

Our parent company Södra Forest Industry Group is committed to ethical forestry and Trivselhus embodies the sustainable approach to building new houses in the UK. Cutting-edge manufacturing techniques reduce defects and waste, producing fuel-efficient buildings within 8-12 weeks.

Trivselhus buildings bring the benefits of:

  • complying with UK regulations
  • outstanding economy
  • guaranteed thermal efficiency
  • lifetime savings in energy costs for the buyer
  • the ability to withstand even extreme climatic conditions
  • environmentally friendly, recyclable raw construction materials

Each section is meticulously coded for simple and straightforward assembly. This minimises build time and keeps costs down. Other benefits include:

  • follow on trades able to start earlier
  • the need for wet trades eliminated
  • better workplace safety

To ensure precision fitting and maintain the airtight shell, each section of the Climate Shield® is made up of several layers, with the essential features built in at the factory:

  • insulation
  • windows
  • doors
  • conduits for electrical services
  • bespoke client requests

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