Smarter homes

Trivselhus is leading the way in creating smart homes across the UK, that give you more control over the way you live and the energy you use. Trivselhus UK developments provide smart devices throughout our houses as standard, so you can spend more time relaxing from the day you move in.

Cutting-edge, innovative technologies enable you to live more comfortably and with better energy efficiency. With smart home automations you can turn the music up and the lights down, or put the heating higher and the kettle on, with a simple voice command. Check which appliances are on from your phone, whether you’re at home or out and about.

Your Trivselhus home comes equipped with the smart tools you need to manage your heating, lights, appliances and security, including built-in smart switches and sockets. A single platform brings them all together so you can manage, control and co-ordinate them easily. You can also connect further appliances, such as speakers, fans and lights, to organise your smart home for the way you want to live.

Monitor and manage energy use

Reduce energy consumption by only heating your house when you’re there to enjoy it. You can check the temperature via your smart thermostat, and control the heating in individual rooms while you’re still travelling home. Smart power sockets and light switches let you know what’s turned on and give you remote control, so you can choose when and whether your lighting and appliances should be using energy.

Co-ordinate your appliances to work together

Automate your home based on when you’re arriving and who’s in. Your voice or a single tap on your device will set the scene to suit you.

Before you go to bed, with one command you can check that the doors are locked and all the lights turned off. Your morning alarm can automatically open your blinds and switch the coffee maker on, to help you get your day started.

When you’re coming back late, remotely turn on the heating to be ready for your arrival. As you approach your front door, geofencing enables the hall lights to come on automatically and welcome you home.

Smart home security

Sophisticated smart home security features give you the reassurance of knowing what’s going on at home whether you’re in or out. See who’s at the door through your smart phone, check whether any doors or windows have been left open, and even get activity notifications from the smart lock on your front door.

As a dedicated smart home developer, Trivselhus UK new builds include smart tools designed to prioritise your security and privacy. End-to-end encryption between connected devices and accessories, and individual setup codes for adding new ones, are designed to give you peace of mind. You have the assurance that your home security is always in your pocket.

Enjoy your downtime

Make the most of your time off. Your idea of relaxing could be watching films in 4K on your television. Create a customised ‘film night’ preset that automatically dims the lights and adjusts the speakers. When you’re throwing a party, set the scene with music, lights and heating in specific rooms and adjust it during the evening to suit the mood.

For when you just want to surf the internet, you will be connected to high speed broadband on the day you move in. A wifi mesh extends coverage across your new home so that no room or appliance is too far away.

Support your health and wellbeing

Wellbeing is about living comfortably, getting plenty of natural light and having room to move freely. It’s also about invisible details, such as the air you breathe. Your comfortable, modern home is equipped with smart devices that monitor the temperature, humidity and air quality within, sending you reports and notifications to help you maintain an optimal living environment.

Additionally, an internal camera with two-way audio makes it possible to look in on loved ones remotely. This can support those with hearing, vision, cognitive or motor function impairments to enjoy a more independent lifestyle.

See these new technologies in action at Sommar Place, our first fully smart home development which we are proud to unveil in Milton Keynes.

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