working with us

Our business partners will tell you that working with Trivselhus is a breath of fresh air. Trivselhus UK is actively seeking further business partnerships in the UK with established companies that have a proven track record and who share our values and ethos.

Thanks to the strength of our parent company Södra, Trivselhus UK is in a unique position to consider a range of business development models. We would like to discuss potential collaborations with developers, landowners or architects.

We operate a spectrum of business structures in the UK with an agreed balance of control and risk-sharing. All partnerships are based on high levels of due diligence and scrutiny.

Trivselhus seeks to create the right partnership structure for each specific commercial opportunity.


  • Efficiency
  • Quality
  • Integrity
  • Partnership


  • Responsible forestry means long-term profits
  • Effective forest management brings high returns 
  • Balance between production and caring for the environment
  • Consideration of natural and social issues


Please contact the business development team to discuss commercial opportunities with Trivselhus UK.